.marvelous fake-it. (queen_of_eras) wrote,
.marvelous fake-it.

In bed....

In bed...tired after a zumba dance class, and thursday is street dance.
I felt so good after it made me want to eat a salad, WANT TO!

In bed...with my boo, he is fasto and snoring.
Makes me want to kiss him.

In bed...on my laptop.
Looking for presents.

In bed...thinking about make changes for the future for the better.
Hopefully making dreams real.

I have been thinking of a future doing more, being adventurous, traveling more, meeting new people (even boring people just to talk to a new face a new story). A future making a difference, a future with more faces, a future that maybe I can be recognised or familiar.

I need to let go and jump.

I have found a new kinship within which we share these ideas and together were are stepping out. Unfortunately it has been discovered that there really is no hidden gems in newport to find.
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