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[10 Mar 2010|04:16pm]
I am in such a lazy state today, even though I had half day at work not because I left early but that the village seems to have some code were shops shut early mondays and wednesdays. Finished work drove rather slowly in the new jeep just so I could enjoy the ride. Got home, played with the dog, cleaned up his mess in the house. Started cooking dinner ready for tomorrow night, country french chicken hot pot, took the talk for another walk and then put the tv on.

That is the problem though as soon as you put the tv on you start flicking through channels hour after hour just flies by. The programmes on are just crap too just drivel ugh.

I also realised that I like driving to work with the radio on, but on the way home I much prefer a cd, dunno why but i do.
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[01 Mar 2010|05:10pm]
I have just bought a lovely real fur rug, super cosy, and for only £10 from a charity shop. So I am still buying more bits and bobs for the bedroom, even though the plan was to keep it quite open and clutter free.

I have booked a holiday to Salou, Spain for the 18th March just for 5 nights and unfortunately the weather has taken a turn for the worst. However it is a nice break from it all, and it was only £270 for two people. Cheaper than what some friends are going on holiday for, even though they have zero cash for a drink up the pub. It is all relative, more you spend on cars and holidays the less for everyday life it is not rocket science.

I have just sent a complaint to miss selfridge on the fact my new alice in wonderland queen of hearts top is not here, even though the courier company keep saying they have left a card! NO you have not. ugh
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[28 Feb 2010|12:52pm]
I have cut off part my nail and finger!
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[20 Feb 2010|06:02pm]
Well I have finally managed, in my butchery job, to slice off my nail along with my finger. That is going to look real pretty when I am glammed up, half a nail missing! It is rather painful as well, the blood was just pouring out and now I have opened up all the nerve endings. Trying to shower was a hassle as I tried washing my hair and scrub my body with one hand to make sure I did not knock my finger.

More thoughts...I have this big homely image of a nice village life, knowing your neighbours, doing for each sharing and socialising, working in a local town, knowing all the local people. Cooking delights and sharing them out, town bonanzas the like. I also want to run a house that works like those 60's movies, in my polka dot apron thrifting food no waste. It is rather idyllic of me I know, it is something maybe midsumer murders has made look quite quaint, without the murder though please. Maybe I have something similar, I work in a local sort of town, where people do know me, and customers do come in with gifts, homemade marmalade the other day, homemade scotch egg the day before and cakes. As I type this i think ah maybe I do have it, but it does not seems as idyllic as it seems in my head. Maybe it is it certainly sounds like it is. Maybe I just want it that little bit quainter without the police storming down the road more often than not for thieves, the drunk at 7 o'clock walking past who pops in with an order to deliver but manages to carry two flaggings of cider home.

Maybe it needs time, maybe I need to move to some more scenic seaside town, it is probably the same as here though.

Some days I do think ah this is sweet with these nice locals coming in then other days some asshole comes in talking completely down to me and it drives me insane I just do not comprehend that sort of attitude. Okay if I do not like a person I do not go out of my way to talk to them but when I am being served by others anywhere I would never be rude!

Oh well it is all just thoughts.

My street dance has been cancelled on a thursday which is such a shame because I did really enjoy it however it means a new chapter and that is salsa!!!!! Apparently the meze is doing salsa classes which for the club is rather odd with its more rock n' roll image hmm, but we are definately going to check ot out.
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[07 Feb 2010|04:14pm]
1. Write more, not essays, not books just to physically put pen to paper more often.

2. Actually watch the films I buy, instead of just filling my media tower.

3. Watch new films, instead of buying and re-watching films I have already seen. I hate watching new films having to pay attention to them and wait for the end.

4. Encourage all my friends to fucking budget their money so that they can do something different for once. I understand money can be tight but if they can afford new cars, new tv and fancy holidays then I'm sure they can squeeze out a tenner here and there.

5. Take more pictures, not just of people but things that make me go OHHHHH and HEHEHE.

6. Now that I have started filling in my diary, I must follow through for the rest of the year.

7. Lose weight again! I have managed to keep the weight of from before but I am aiming for maybe two stone more. Seeing as my dancing is going quite well I will be sticking to it and it is just down to healthy it then and that being so i ama at this moment eating carrot stick and houmous.

8. Stop fucking talking about it all arghhhh and do do do.

I have been attending my dance classes and it is so refreshing. All though I am not use to the whole being told how to dance and routines compared to just dancing like a loon. Surprised myself though.

I have found the comedy in the riverfront actually impressive so I have grabbed a couple of tickets, at rather good prices.

My second bedroom is also officially finished but I am holding back on cluttering the room with nic-nacs, although some things have magically found themselves on the window sill. However now my living room and bedrooms are all done I need to find another room to redecorate, I quite enjoy it and I am rather proud of the fact that I have still not set foot in Ikea for furntiure or ideas. Although I must admit that argos has been a godsend, I do not care of the stigma it is cheap and I
loved fitting it together.
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In bed.... [25 Jan 2010|11:46pm]
In bed...tired after a zumba dance class, and thursday is street dance.
I felt so good after it made me want to eat a salad, WANT TO!

In bed...with my boo, he is fasto and snoring.
Makes me want to kiss him.

In bed...on my laptop.
Looking for presents.

In bed...thinking about make changes for the future for the better.
Hopefully making dreams real.

I have been thinking of a future doing more, being adventurous, traveling more, meeting new people (even boring people just to talk to a new face a new story). A future making a difference, a future with more faces, a future that maybe I can be recognised or familiar.

I need to let go and jump.

I have found a new kinship within which we share these ideas and together were are stepping out. Unfortunately it has been discovered that there really is no hidden gems in newport to find.
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[11 Jan 2010|10:22pm]

I remember the days when I use to just sit at my computer all day long, blog, play games, message and...?

How did I use to spend so long on the internet, how did it not bore my brains out?

Now I look at Ikea and Argos for furniture, quickly glance at clothes, go on onnotheydidnt and regulation facebook. Now I am bored, so bored I am updating my journal for the first time in months.

I want to find the websites that kept me so entertained years ago! How did I use to find all those fun websites and what were they actually about.

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speak up-add [31 Mar 2004|08:40pm]
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